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Liste der Publikationen:

Kotz R, Windhager R. EP0548535 (A1). Automatic expandable endoprosthesis for the knee joint. 30.06.1993

Robineck B, Lutz C, Windhager R, Kotz R, Vlasak R, Wuisman P. Howmedica Gmbh; Stryker Trauma GmbH. EP0978258 (A1). Instrument for the positioning of an implant in the human spine. 09.02.2000

Windhager R, Winkelmann W. Hip replacement comprises hemispherical socket with grooves in its outer wall, into which spacers of different shapes may be inserted. Implantcast Gmb. 24. October 2002

Windhager R, Prager R, Robioneck B. Bone cavity excavating device, comprises hollow outer shaft, flexible part connected to end of inner shaft and hard profiled part connected to flexible part. Stryker Trauma GmbH. 31. March 2005

Huff DN, Gorab RS, Windhager R. Depuy Synthes Prod LLC(JOHJ-C)
“Instrument i.e. femoral broach, for preparing femur bone to broach cavity in bone to receive prosthesis for implantation of femoral hip stems for patient, has posterior side including compaction teeth extending over portion of anterior side”. Submitted 2014
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